About Us

Our  company  was founded  in 2002 and specializes  in engineering  and consulting  services.   Before   it  we have successfullyrealized a number of projectson water constructions in cooperation with  our  sister companies; managing  all the phases  of project  construction  and application,  we have completed and successfully implemented the projects of both public and private sectors.

The success demonstrated by our sister companies on the projects’ application phase inspired us to establish  “SIBA ELEKTRIK’ in 2002 so as tocontinue our successfulpromotion in the sphere of engineering services. Our company has become reliable for its professional experience; our service provision is not just fast and accurate but so less costly and more profitable for an investor asit maybe

Our company offers a wide range of services to the projects in various  fields of engineering,  architecture, consultancy and control.  We see our mission  in planning,  projecting  and implementing the important constructions in different areas,from optimizationof water and soilresourcesand productionofenergy to environmental impact assessment works and construction of transportationstructuresand buildings.

The major  field  of our company’s  proficiency  is offer  of engineering  and consulting  services  to  domesticJforeign instfu.Jtions and organizations. While working upon the projects we share the view and approach of fast, correct and dynamic rendering of our services to a customer,taking into consideration engineering   standards,  professional  responsibility  and the possibilities oftechnology. Our companyis proud of professional and experienced  staff that closely monitors  technologic improvements and wortd progress in its work and pursues the goal of team-oriented work supported by the other institutions, universitiesandorganizationsif necessary.

Relying on 13-years’ professional experience in its field our company  has successfully  showed  itself  in the  planning, engineering and application phases of projects’ implementation on hydroelectric power plants and water constructions, total installed power of which estimated at more than1600MW.