Our Activity Areas

1.Optimization of project

a. Preparation of Preliminary check over report
b. Preparation of the detailed Feasibility report
c. Preparation of the EIA report
d. Hydrological, geological and geotechnical research


2. Investigation of project

a.Examination and specifying opinions by the State Management of water resources and the Management of electric studies (abolished)
b.Examinationand specifying opinions about optimized projects by the legalentities


3. Licensing procedures

a. Preparation of the license application and application file
b. Keeping and finalization of the procedures of receiving the preliminary license andbase licenses 
c. Receivingthewndusionaboutpublicbenefit
d. Preparation andratifyingtheexpropriationplan
e. Preparation and keeping the files of transmission or distribution network connections
f. Keeping the EIA reportand receiving conclusion documents
g. Negotiations according the Water usage right agreement

4. Final project sand Application projects

a. Preparation of the finaland detailed application projects of construct, hydromechanical, electric and mechanical equipment, perfonning all of calculations

b.Preparation of the finalprojects (as-build), handing it over to the all appropriate institutes and approval procedures

5. Provisional and final acceptance

a. Forming the “check list”, testing the project with all of its structures on the construction site, keeping and finalization of all the official procedures for the preparation of receiving theprovisional acceptance by the State Management of water resources and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Sources
b. Elimination of deficiencies of provisional acceptance by monitoring and control on the construction site  and  other necessary official applications and complications of procedures for receiving the final acceptance

6. Bid and credit process

a. Preparation of the administrative and technical specifications for selection of turbine and other electric mechanical equipment, construct application and mechanical works, making market research

b. Preparation of apromotion file of the project and cash flow statements in the format and according the standards the bank requests

7. Application process

a. Supervision services of construction and equipment installation
b. Insuring the facilities and equipment during the construction
c. Taking facilities into operation

8. Exploitation period

a. Electricity sales agreements
b. Operations of the facilities
c. Providing protection of metal equipment from corrosion in accordance with ISO standards
d. Insuring the properties, proposing appropriate solutions for property insurance.